12 globally recognized Linux certification

Hello everyone, today we will know some very valuable globally recognized Linux certification. Linux certification is a certification program different Linux professional organizations worldwide conducted. Linux certification allows Linux professionals in the server space or related companies, and so these places more accessible to Linux-related work. Linux certification assessment of a person at the professional level in the various fields of Linux. There are many good Linux professional organizations provide different Linux certification. However, to seek a job in the company is high time the world’s only a small minority are very recognized Linux certification gold, the work includes the management server, virtualization, systems and software installation, configuration, application support, and other things related to the Linux operating system . With the global growth in the use of Linux operating system server, boosting demand for Linux professionals. In order to better demonstrate the level of Linux expertise in the world, it seems, the better, leading certification always has a higher priority.

Here are some of the globally recognized Linux certification, we will be next eleven he says.

1. CompTIA Linxu +

CompTIA Linux + is LPI (Linux Professional Institute, Linux Professional Committee) sponsored a Linux certification training worldwide. Linux knowledge they provide can be used in a large number of Linux-related professional work, such as Linux administrators, senior network administrator, system administrator, Linux database administrators, and Web administrators. If anyone wants to engage in the installation and maintenance of Linux operating system, the course will help him achieve certification requirements, and by providing a broader understanding of Linux systems, able to pass the exam to prepare. The main purpose of the LPI CompTIA Linux + certification is provided to the certificate holder solid enough, on installing software, operation, management and equipment troubleshooting knowledge. We can pay a certain cost, time and effort to complete the CompTIA Linux +, while access to three industry-recognized certification: LPI LPIC-1 and SUSE Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) certification.

    Authentication Code: LX0-103, LX0-104 (2015 年 3 月 30 日 started) or LX0-101, LX0-102
    Number of items: 60 questions per exam
    Question Types: multiple choice
    Exam time: 90 minutes
    Requirements: A +, Network +, Linux management experience and have at least 12 months
    Score: 500 (range 200-800 for the terms)
    Languages: English, there would be German, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Spain.
    Validity: valid for three years after certification

Note: Different series of exams can not be combined. If you test the LX0-101, then you must complete the certification exam LX0-102. The same, LX0-103 and LX0-104 is a series. LX0-103 and LX0-104 series LX0-101 and LX0-102 series of upgrade.

LPIC, full name of the Linux Professional Certification Committee (Linux Professional Institute Certification), is a professional committee Linux Linux certification program. This is a multi-level certification program requirements at each level through a series of (usually two) certification exam. The certification has three levels, including entry-level certification LPIC-1, LPIC-2 certification senior level and the highest level of certification LPIC-3. The first two focused on the Linux system management certification, and the last number of professional certification focuses on skills, including virtualization and security. To obtain LPIC-3 certification, a holder of a valid LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 certification candidates must pass 300 complex environmental testing, security testing 303, 304 virtual testing and high availability testing in one. LPIC-1 certification in accordance with the certificate holder can run Linux, use the command line interface and basic knowledge of the network installation, maintenance, configuration and other tasks designed, LPIC-2 test whether the candidates as the management of small and medium mixed networks candidate. LPIC-3 certification is for enterprise-level Linux expertise in the design of the design represents the highest professional standards and industry certification is not directed against a specific Linux distribution.

    Authentication Code: LPIC-1 (101 and 102), LPIC-2 (201 and 202) and LPIC-3 (300,303 or 304)
    Title type: 60 multiple choice
    Exam time: 90 minutes
    Requirements: No, it is recommended Linux Essentials Certification
    Score: 500 (within a range of 200-800)
    Language: LPIC-1: English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish (Modern), Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese
    LPIC-2: English, German, Portuguese, Japanese
    LPIC-3: English, Japanese
    Validity: remain valid for five years after retirement

3.Oracle Linux OCA

Oracle joint certification (OCA) for personal and tailored for those who want to prove their knowledge of deploying and managing Oracle Linux operating system, a strong man. The certification expertise only for Oracle Linux distributions, this system is completely tailored to Oracle products, especially, can run Oracle design of systems, including Oracle Exadata Database Server, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Server, Oracle Exalogic cloud balancing, and Oracle Database applications. Oracle Linux’s “Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel” for enterprise applications brings high-performance, high scalability and stability. OCA certification covers such as managing local disk devices, managing file systems, installing and removing Solaris packages and patches, optimize system boot process and system processes. This is the first series to get OCP certificate. OCA certification of its predecessor for Sun Certified Solaris Associate (SCSAS) and known.

    Authentication Code: OCA
    Title type: 75 multiple-choice
    Exam time: 120 minutes
    Requirements: None
    Score: 64%
    Validity: valid forever

4. Oracle Linux OCP

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) is a certified Oracle Oracle Linux provides companies, covering more advanced knowledge and skills for an Oracle Linux administrator. It encompasses the knowledge of configuring network interfaces, managing swap configurations, crash dumps, management software, database and important files. OCP certification is the technical expertise and professional skills of the benchmark, the knowledge and skills needed in the company are widely used to develop, deploy and manage applications, middleware and databases. Jobs Oracle Linux OCP is growing, thanks to the job market and economic development. According to the test program, the certificate holder has a competent security manager for the Oracle database to prepare Oracle Linux systems, troubleshooting and recovery operation, install the package, install and configure the kernel modules, maintaining swap space, complete the user and group management, create file system, configuration Logical Volume Manager (LVM), file-sharing services.

    Authentication Code: OCP
    Question Types: 60-80 multiple-choice questions
    Exam time: 120 minutes
    Requirements: Oracle Linux OCA
    Score: 64%
    Validity: valid forever


RHCSA is Red Hat as Red Hat Certified System Engineer launch a certification program. RHCSA refer to those who have completed the core system administration skills and abilities in the famous Red Hat Linux environment. This is an entry-level certification program, systems management attention on practical competence, including installing, configuring a Red Hat Linux system, access to an available network to provide network services. A Red Hat Certified System Administrator can understand and use the basic tools to deal with files, directories, command-line environment and documentation; operation and running of the system, including different start level to start the identification process, start and stop virtual Machine and control services; use logical partitions and configure local storage; create and configure file system and file system attributes, including permissions, encryption, access control lists, and network file systems; deployment configuration and maintenance of systems, including software installation, updates and core services; managing users and groups, including the use of a central directory for verification; security work, including basic basic firewall and SELinux configuration. For RHCE and other certification, first certified RHCSA.

    Authentication Code: RHCSA
    Course Code: RH124, RH134 and RH199
    Exam Code: EX200
    When exam time: 21-22 hours, depending on the choice of courses
    Requirements: None. Some basic knowledge of Linux better
    Score: 300 out of 210 over (70%)
    Duration: 3 years


RHCE, also known as the Red Hat Certified Engineer, is a medium to high level of certification procedures, as some of you want to learn more skills and knowledge to become a senior systems administrator responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux the RHCSA opened, RHCE should have ability, knowledge and skills to configure a static route, packet filtering, NAT, set the kernel operating parameters, configure a ISCSI initialization procedure, the amount of report generation and transmission system using shell scripts to automate complete system maintenance tasks, configure the system log, including remote logging provide network services, such as HTTP / HTTPS, FTP, NFS, SMB, SMTP, SSH and NTP and so on. Recommended wanted more advanced level of certification RHCSA who have completed a system administrator I, II and III, or fast-track training has been completed RHCE certified people to participate.

    Authentication Code: RHCE
    Course Code: RH124, RH134, RH254 and RH199
    Exam Code: EX200 and EX300
    When exam time: 21-22 hours, depending on the selected course
    Requirements: a certificate RHCSA
    Score: 300 out of 210 over (70%)
    Duration: 3 years


Namely RHCA Red Hat Certified Architect, is a Red Hat certification process. It is concerned at the actual capacity of the system management, including installation and configuration of a Red Hat Linux system, and added to an available network running network services. RHCA is Red Hat Certified in all the highest level of certification. Candidates need to choose the field they wish for, or select any combination of Red Hat Certified qualified to create one of their own fields. There are three main areas: data center, cloud and application platform. Proficient in the area of ​​data center RHCA able to run the data center management; and familiar cloud can create, configure and manage private and hybrid cloud, cloud application platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform, flexible storage options; proficient application platform set RHCA possess skills such as installation, configuration and management of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and applications, cloud application platform and hybrid cloud environments, with Red Hat’s OpenShift Enterprise Edition, Red Hat JBoss Data virtualization technologies combine data from multiple resources in.

    Authentication Code: RHCA
    Course code: CL210, CL220.CL280, RH236, RH318, RH413, RH436, RH442, JB248 and JB450
    Exam Code: EX333, EX401, EX423 or EX318, EX436 and EX442
    When exam time: 21-22 hours, depending on the selected course
    Requirements: RHCE certificate has not expired
    Score: 300 out of 210 over (70%)
    Duration: 3 years


SUSE Certified Linux Administrator (SUSE CLA) is a primary certified SUSE launched, the focus in the daily task management SUSE Linux Enterprise Server environment. In order to obtain SUSE CLA certification without completing the course tasks must only be able to get required certification exam. SUSE CLA were able, there are techniques to use Linux desktop, locate and take advantage of resources, management Linux file system, using Linux Shell and command line work, install SLE 11 SP22, management system installation, hardware, backup and recovery, with YaST manage Linux , Linux processes and services, storage, configure the network, remote access, SLE 11 SP2 monitoring, task automation, and manage user access and security. We can achieve both SUSE CLA, LPIC-1 and CompTIA Linux certification, because SUSE, Linux Professional Institute and CompATI cooperation to get this opportunity while the three Linux certification.

    Authentication Code: SUSE CLA
    Course code: 3115,3116
    Exam Code: 050-720,050-710
    Question types: multiple choice
    Exam time: 90 minutes
    Requirements: None
    Score: 512


SUSE Certified Linux Professional (CLP) is a certification program, obtain information about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for more advanced and specialized knowledge of the service for those who wish. SUSE CLP through the next SUSE CLA after certification. CLA should pass exams and have a certificate, then in order to obtain certification by completing CLP CLP exam. By SUSE CLP certification of personnel the ability to complete the installation and configuration of SLES 11 system, maintaining file systems, management software package, process, print, configure basic network services, samba, Web server, using IPv6, you create and run a bash shell script.

    Authentication Code: SUSE CLP
    Course code: 3115,3116 and 3117
    Exam Code: 050-721,050-697
    Exam type: Handwriting
    Exam time: 180 minutes
    Requirements: SUSE CLA certification


SUSE Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) is a senior engineer level certification, has been prepared for those who pass the exam CLE. CLE To obtain certification, people need to have to get SUSE CLA and CLP certification. CLE get certified staff have set up a complex SUSE Linux Enterprise Server environment skills. CLE certified person can configure basic network services, print management, configuration and use of Open LDAP, samba, IPv6, complete server health monitoring and performance tuning, creation and execution of shell scripts, deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Board, through Xen virtual technology and so on.

    Authentication Code: SUSE CLE
    Course Code: 3107
    Exam Code: 050-723
    Exam type: Handwriting
    Exam time: 120 minutes
    Requirements: SUSE CLP 10 or 11 certificate

11. LFCS

Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) certification candidates to use Linux and Linux environments through the end of knowledge. LFCS Linux Foundation is a certification program, system administrators and engineers ready to use the Linux operating system works. Linux Foundation jointly industry experts, Linux kernel community, the core areas of test candidates, key skills, knowledge and ability. Have some of the skills, knowledge and abilities certified by LFCS personnel, including editing and manipulating files, file management and processing system errors stored in the command line, polymerization LVM partition as the device, swap space, network file system management, user management account / permissions and groups, create and execute bash shell script, install / upgrade / remove packages and so on.

    Authentication Code: LFCS
    Course code: LFCS201, LFCS220 (optional)
    Exam Code: LFCS exam
    Exam Duration: 2 hours
    Requirements: None
    Score: 74%
    Language: English
    Duration: Two years

12. LFCE

Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE), is to launch Linux Foundation Linux Engineer certification. Compared to LFCS, we have a wider range of skills in Linux Aspects LFCE certification exams. This is a senior level engineer certification program. LFCE certified people have some network management skills and abilities, such as configuring network services, configure packet filtering, network performance monitoring, IP traffic, configure the file system and file services, network file system, from the warehouse to install / upgrade package management network security, configuring iptables, http services, agency services, mail service and so on. Due to its advanced engineering-level certification program, it is generally assumed compared LFCS, learning and adoption of the difficulty bigger.

    Authentication Code: LFCE
    Course Code: LFS230
    Exam Code: LFCE exam
    Exam Duration: 2 hours
    Requirements: certified LFCS
    Score: 72%
    Language: English
    Duration: 2 years

We found (this is only our opinion)

Recent surveys show that in different high-end recruitment agency, saying 80 percent of the job descriptions are more inclined to Red Hat Linux certification. If you are a student / novice, and want to learn Linux, then we recommend the increasingly popular Linux Foundation Certification, or CompTIA Linux may be an option. If you already know the oracle or suse, or work on their products, that oracle / suse certification would be better, if you work in the company, these certifications will grow in your career to help 🙂
To sum up

In this world, tens of thousands of large companies ran Linux operating system running servers and mainframe machines on these servers to manage, configure, and work, there is always on Linux technology / expertise highly certified needs. These internationally recognized certification for some people plays a very important role in Linux career. These companies all over the world running Linux, Linux needs engineers, system administrators, and have been certified and staff did a good job in Linux related fields. Globally recognized Linux certification, for brilliant expertise and career are the most important, so well prepared and certified exam, for building a career in Linux is a good choice. If you have any questions, ideas, feedback, please write in the comment box below, so that we may know what needs to be added or improved. THX! 🙂

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