Settlement report errors on CentOS using wget Temporary failure in name

  Install in CentOS Redis use wget to download a file when the following problems:   wget failed: Temporary failure in name resolution   Literally, mean, when parsing the URL has failed; suspect it could be a problem with the network configuration of the machine, checks for eth0 configuration, and correct ping an external […]

CentOS 6.x kernel upgrade tutorial

My upgrade is intended to run on the CentOS6.2 docker, officials recommend kernel version 3.8.0 and above, so your download from the official website of the Linux kernel source code, compile it. 1. preparatory work Confirm kernel and version information

Installing the software To compile and install a new kernel, depends on the development […]

Operation and maintenance technical interview

1. soft difference between connection and hard links   2. principles of Linux file deletion   3. Linux system boot process BIOS (basic input output system) 1. check the hardware, namely, computer hardware meets basic criteria. (If the hardware Board issues the beep frequency, start end); 2. find the boot floppy disk, CD, or hard […]

সেন্টওএস 6.4 ইনস্টলেশন VNC_seerver

প্রথমত, VNC- র ইনস্টল ডিফল্টরূপে, সেন্টওএস 6.4 ইনস্টল করা হয় না. ইনস্টলেশন, লিখতে কিনা পরীক্ষা করে দেখুন: [Root @ স্থানীয় হোস্ট ~] # RPM -q VNC VNC সার্ভার পান: বাক্স VNC ইনস্টল করা নেই টিপ ইনস্টল না হয়, তাহলে ইনস্টলেশন শুরু, লিখুন: [Root @ স্থানীয় হোস্ট ~] # yum দ্বারা VNC VNC সার্ভার ইনস্টল দ্বিতীয়ত, […]

Using data recovery software CentOS6.5 installed extundelete

First, install (1) Firstly, extundelete e2fsprogs software rely on e2fsprogs-libs e2fsprogs-devel packages (2) download extundelete, official site is http://extundelete.sourceforge.NET/the current stable version is extundelete-0.2.4 [root@local app]# tar jxvf extundelete-0.2.4.tar.bz2 [root@localapp]# cd extundelete-0.2.4 [Root@localapp]#./configure Writing the results generated files to disk [Root@localapp]# make the results warning: unused parameter ‘flags’ [root@localapp]# make install Results/usr/bin/extundelete’/usr/local/bin’ (3) extract […]

CENTOS6.3 using Keepalived to build double-MySQL+ double-machine hot standby

Previous blog post describes how to configure MYSQL–and each other. See Shows you how to tie the former implement Keepalived double-machine hot standby System environment: CentOS 6.3 x64 MySQL version: MySQL-5.6.10 Keepalived version: keepalived-1.2.7 MySQL-VIP: MySQL-master1: MySQL-master2: First turn off iptables and SELINUX # service iptables stop # setenforce 0 # vi /etc/sysconfig/selinux ————— […]

CentOS 5.11 enter rescue mode

CentOS5.11 recently, results didn’t know it, reboot the system, the result does not start normally, mother checked on for a long time, that is to go into rescue mode, I’m a newbie, online introduction there are more than 6 versions. Do not know how to do! Then toss finally turned to an introduction of the […]

CentOS6.5 Scala2.10.3

Download: # wget   Extract: # tar xvf scala-2.10.3.tgz   Add environment variables: # vi /etc/profile Add the following parameter:   export SCALA_HOME=/usr/scala/scala-2.10.3 export PATH=$PATH:$SCALA_HOME/bin   The environment variables to take effect: # source /etc/profile

Centos7 installation Scrapy

Say no more, directly First, install the development package group, upgrading the operating system #yum groupinstall “Development Tools” -y #yum update -y Note: 1 of Python on your system, if you are not python2.7 or later please upgrade to version python2.7 or above (because Scrapy requires Python version 2.7 above) # Download python2.7 #wget […]

How to configuration HAProxy log on CentOS

Relate to configuration file as follows 1)/etc/HAProxy/HAProxy.conf//this is the main configuration file of HAProxy process, specific path can be specified, mainly the following sentence log localhost local0 2)/etc/rsyslog.conf//this config file not to move, can have the following settings by default, it reads the configuration files in a/etc/rsyslog.d/*.conf directory// $IncludeConfig /etc/rsyslog.d/*.conf 3)/etc/rsyslog.d/HAProxy.conf//we need to manually create […]