CentOS 5.11 enter rescue mode

CentOS5.11 recently, results didn’t know it, reboot the system, the result does not start normally, mother checked on for a long time, that is to go into rescue mode, I’m a newbie, online introduction there are more than 6 versions. Do not know how to do!
Then toss finally turned to an introduction of the book
1, first in the BIOS set to boot to CD
2, see the boot: time, type Linux rescue
Enter rescue mode,
Although it looks very simple, I do not know really want to vomit blood!
3, then select the language and keyboard, and installation is the same as
4, will appear asking if you want to network, to fix the system, would not have to start the network
5, next to rescue CD file system to find the rescue CD will find the current machine OS with CentOS5.x, and pops up a select box lets you choose:
A, Continue//keep mounted read/write mode
B, Read-Only//readonly mount
C, Skip//skip the rescue
Select Continue
6, a system will detect the information displayed, press OK
7, there will be a shell, first DF to see how was the mount, if the exception is mount not mount partitions manually.
After 8, above, with chroot/mnt/sysimage into the OS environment
9, finished after that, reboot, set boot from the hard drive, remove the disc, should be able to say.

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