CentOS7 – how to close firewall

CentOS7 firewall configuration with very different from the previous version, after numerous attempts, finally found the key to solving problems

CentOS7 this version of the firewall by default using a firewall, iptables with versions prior to use is different. Configure the firewall as follows:

1, turn off the firewall: sudo systemctl stop firewalld.service

2, closing at boot: sudo systemctl disable firewalld.service

3, the installation of iptables firewall

Execute the following command to install iptables firewall: sudo yum install iptables-services

4, configure iptables firewall, open the specified port (as with previous versions, many online, not covered here)

5. boot set iptables firewall: sudo systemctl enable iptables

OK, based on the configured port can access the

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