CentOS/RHEL 6 installation the default traditional Chinese font kit

For a start installing CentOS at 6 o’clock, selected for traditional Chinese, so remote when using Firefox, because traditional Chinese fonts are not installed, so the part is square in traditional Chinese characters, is very inconvenient. Because there is no Pack x window, without using the graphical interface for package management program to increase support traditional Chinese, look it up on Google not simplified Chinese font kit name. In CentOS 5 Chinese font kit name is fonts-Chinese-*, but it not the suite name CentOS 6 but in a stupid way, suite of fonts listed there directly from names like Hanyu Pinyin in the first try, one by one. Finally, my conclusion is as follows, you can just install the following packages:

Cjkuni-ukai-fonts (in italics)
Cjkuni-uming-fonts (Ming)
Wqy-zenhei-fonts (Wen Quanyi, Helvetica)

Use YUM directly: all!

[root]# yum install cjkuni-* wqy-zenhei-*

Note: CJK packages on behalf of Sino-Japanese Chinese Korean + Japanese + Korean

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