How to setting time zone on CentOS 7

CentOS is installed for a variety of reasons need to be modified after the 7 time zone to the time synchronization server or device.

Have a command in CentOS 7 timedatectl help us to modify the server’s time zone.

First of all, we can use the timedatectl command to view the current server time zone settings:

Local time: Wed 2015-07-22 16:48:14 CST

Universal time: Wed 2015-07-22 08:48:14 UTC

Timezone: Asia/Shanghai (CST, +0800)

NTP enabled: yes

NTP synchronized: yes

RTC in local TZ: yes

DST active: n/a

Can see all the settings such as server time, time zone and NTP

We can use the command “timedatectl list-timezones” view all time zones

View time zone when you are finished, we can use the command “timedatectl set-timezone time zone”

For example, we need to set the time zone in Shanghai: “timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Shanghai”

After you set the time zone of course, you can also set the NTP server on and off

Turn on NTP: “timedatectl set-NTP Yes”

Turn off NTP: “timedatectl set-NTP no”

Timedatectl command can set the date and time

Date: “timedatectl set-time YYYY-MM-DD”

Set time: “timedatectl set-time HH:MM:SS”

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