Server under OpenBSD #5

continuous e my hacks on OpenBSD in VM under KVM, and it is slow, slow slow! Compilations are long, extractions I does even not mention… to believe that there is a problem with KVM, in any case I hope that this is not a natural slowness. This is not really annoying on a server, because once started it runs continuously, but I imagine the galley on a desktop.

I didn’t have these problems with NetBSD, on which I much fiddled in virtual also. A little research on the internet tells me that obviously had to wait until version 4.8 or 4.9 of OpenBSD for it to be functional on KVM, therefore very recent and perhaps not yet well optimized. The other option would be the natural slowness, which is either quite disturbing.

Case to follow, I launched an investigation (via IRC to have confirmation or fairs).

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