The adventure of a server running on NetBSD #3

I started in the process of updating my server under NetBSD. And this is not a simple operation. It is necessary:

Register to the mailing list to know when an update is needed
Retrieve the kernel and system sources

Of course it avoids preferably tools development or compilation on a server. So in my case I use a “buildbox”, i.e. a server (on another machine) that serves me to compile the software and distribute them.

The compilation/installation of the kernel goes well because just a simple copy – paste to install it. In contrast to the system it is a different matter. The installation is done via the script, which is easy for local deployment but a little less remote. Then it is possible to copy by hand the files, but it is recommended that a “maintenance” of the impossible… thing machine boot because I have no screen or keyboard on the server. There are probably the manipulations to be done, or even the possibility of them without having to start in maintenance mode, but I not yet launched at the moment.

Maintenance of a NetBSD server therefore much attention and handling. It usually installs a server to provide an application, and it is on this last one must focus. In my case, the system itself is a fight every moment, which perhaps has its advantages at the level of customization, but not as part of a company for example application.

We cannot only rarely conclude that a system is perfect or bad. Can however be opinions, including on situations where it can be used. I have rather a positive opinion on NetBSD, for its robustness and lightness. The qualities that show us that it is a very serious product made by serious people, far from extravagant bone seeking 1, 5 GB of RAM to boot. However I remain reserved when NetBSD especially in enterprise deployment. I will reserve it for special cases like low-power machines.

As and when I use it I am learning more and more use of tools from the UNIX world like vi, cat, sh… and more approach in addition to a definitive conclusion on this system.

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